About Us

About Debrex paints and Coatings Pvt Ltd

           Debrex paints and Coatings Pvt Ltd. Establish in the year 2018. Manufacturing Facility is located in Bangalore. Debrex Paints manufactures Decorative Paints, Industrial Paints and also provide painting solutions for the commercial projects & Domestic projects. Our Formulations of chemicals are eco friedly and free from Heavy metals. Also compliance with Present govt regulations. Our Research and Development team continuously working on developing eco friendly products as per the market demands.

          Our production process and quality control is managed by qualified Professionals. every batch is tested              and quality is maintained as per the industry standard. Having objective of delivering excellent products              at competitive rates our team is thriving  best to create space in the decorative and industrial segment.

          As of now our supply is limited to Karnataka region and we are looking for enthusiastic business partners across Karnataka.




Painting Done by Debrex paints was excellent, Thanks for your professional service

Management Team

Mr SS Niranjan

President -CEO

Niranjan SS is President and CEO of Debrex Paints and Coatings Pvt LTD, He laid the foundation for Debrex Paint Manufacturing and gives strategies for Products Design, Planing, Manufacturing Unit. He Is from Engineering Back Ground and Holds strong hold on Chemistry and Material Data sheets

Mrs Archana DR

Mrs Archana is Accounts Director of Debrex Paints and also responsible for It Infrastructure .

Mr Suresh Kumar

Mr Suresh Kumar is from Automotive Background and he plans strategies for New products, designs and also take care of Marketing.

Mr Ramesh Kumar PS

Mr Ramesh Kumar PS take care of Production planning, Strategies.Process, and Deliveries